Location: Edmonton, Alberta
Project Value: $30 Million

MTE Logistix is a 300,000 sq. ft. (27,870 m2) office and 59 truck bay distribution warehouse on a 13.10 acre (5.3 hectare) site in Edmonton, Alberta for Motor Truck Express. The client’s needs were to team up with an architectural consultant to replace an existing facility with a new facility to incorporate the administrative, shipping and receiving requirements of one of their major tenants; Brewers Distributors Ltd, Colgate Ltd and themselves; MTE Logistix.

More than just simply designing a facility to mimic their current facilities, the team was assembled to assess the physical and operational short-falls of the existing facility. The objective was to design a new facility, which would:

  • maximize warehouse area and racking opportunities to provide the greatest flexibility for constantly fluctuating product levels.
  • integrate communication and distribution systems and hardware for several potential tenants
  • resolve the logistics of both integrating and sufficiently separating shipping and receiving requirements for several tenants while securing and separating perishable food products from bleaches, detergents and non-perishable items
  • respond to stringent health board regulations and requirements
  • incorporate the glass recycling facility which included logistical solutions for the recommendation of a glass recycling hopper and a glass sorting system
  • coordinate and integrate separate, highly secure telephone and data systems for independent tenants
  • establish through design, programming and site allocations, vehicular and internal flows of product to maximize efficiency and product flow control including efficiency coordination of several bottle-pick lines
  • design a facility to reduce operating costs due to escalating energy costs by conducting energy efficiency and long term cost payback analysis
  • construct the building as a “fast-track” building and design scenarios in order to complete design and construction in seven months

The Consultant Team led the Owner through the entire process by involving themselves in the site selection, conducting user group meetings, supplier group meetings, performing budget and energy cost assessments, exploring energy efficiency alternatives through natural light, structural and mechanical system modelling, assessing a multitude of racking and circulation layouts The Consultant Team presented an array of architectural expressions and interior layouts and finish pallets to meet the comfort and functional needs of the administrative user group and warehouse operations department.

The design exceeded the expectations of the client, resolving extensive operational shortfalls in their existing premises. The project was completed on time, the phased move and transition from the existing facility was seamless and through an ongoing and intense cost savings exercise, the project was completed below the tendered construction budget.