Location: Edmonton, AB
Project Value: $6.9 Million
Project Size: 14,570 sf

The Design Team of Arch|TB and Johnston Davidson Architecture + Planning Inc have been commissioned to design the new Lewis Farms Fire Station to be located in the developing Lewis Estates neighbourhood. The site design and the approximately 14,600 sf building are based upon providing the Edmonton Fire Rescue Services (EFRS) with a project that will provide excellent response and suppression coverage for the area. In addition to meeting the programmatic requirements, the project is designed to obtain a LEED® NC Silver certification. The structure was designed to meet the post disaster requirements of the Alberta Building Code.

This one-storey building has three tandem drive-thru apparatus bays to house six response apparatus, administration and living quarters for ten suppression crew members, dispatch area and back-up dispatch area, 33 spaces for parking, a loading bay, kitchen, fitness room, crew dorms and a Captain’s office and dorm, day room, exercise area, lockers, showers and all technical support spaces expected for a modern fire station in a building of 14,600 sf in area. The building was designed to meet with the climactic characteristics of Edmonton and provide a building which will protect the members of the facility from the extreme winter elements and provide significant shaded open space for use during summer.

The building includes a dedicated area to be used for dispatch training and as a back-up dispatch centre for the whole City of Edmonton Fire Rescue Services, should the main dispatch centre go out of service. It is just under 1,000 sf and has eight full dispatch stations including the specialty dispatch console stations. The Lewis Farms Dispatch Back-up also has spaces for extended servers and administration desks which would be manned in the event of a major emergency.