Location: Lac La Biche, Alberta
Project Value: $25 Million

Architecture | Tkalcic Bengert (Arch|TB) is the Lead Consultant for the Design-Build Team (in coordination with Clark Builders) for the 6,109 m2 core 700 student school delivered under the ASAP III mechanism. The school is joined to an existing multiplex facility (the Bold Center Recreation Multiplex, which was designed by Arch|TB) and the Lac La Biche Library (also designed by Arch|TB), which has brought additional stakeholders into the project for the coordination and construction phase. A further component included the renovation and expansion of the existing County facilities.

Arch|TB coordinated all consultant, sub-consultant and stakeholder information from the Northern Lights School Division, Lac La Biche County and the Alberta Infrastructure team to deliver the project, which is on target for both completion date and budget. Arch|TB went further than required to ensure all parties were accommodated and the overlapping needs of the Northern Lights School District and Lac La Biche County were coordinated in the final product. In the end, we were able to successfully resolve all issues arising between the client and builder.

The project was designed to meet LEED Silver requirements. Design challenges included incorporating Alberta Infrastructure construction standards into material selection for the exterior design while still matching the adjacent recreation facility. Another success was the coordination of security and lockdown procedures between the public recreation centre, the municipal branch library and the school.