Location: Sherwood Park, AB
Project Value: $1 Billion

The Emerald Hills Urban Village (EHUV) is a neighbourhood development covering just over 20 hectares (50 acres) in the community of Sherwood Park, immediately east of Edmonton, in the municipality of Strathcona County. It is embedded in the Emerald Hills Area Structure Plan, a 120 hectare (300 acre) development. The EHUV was selected by the Sustainable Buildings and Communities (SBC) group, Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), to be the site of the first Sustainable Urban Neighbourhood (SUN) Pilot Project. The SUN Process, a holistic planning and integrated design methodology initially developed by the SBC group, is being applied to the EHUV site. The process seeks to understand how to incorporate sustainability into the planning, design and operation of urban developments.

The pilot project focuses specifically on how to assist the developer and the municipality in creating a neighbourhood that optimizes the synergies between economic, environmental, social and cultural parameters. It represents an exciting way to address the practical needs of the development community and the municipality by creating a sustainable neighbourhood model that can be replicated throughout Canada. (—from the Design Centre for Sustainability, University of British Columbia).


Award of Merit for Sustainable Urban Neighbourhood Guidelines. Emerald Hills Urban Village, Sherwood Park, Alberta. Alberta Association | Canadian Institute of Planners, 2007.