Location: Edmonton, AB
Value: $14 million

Arch|TB designed the expansion and renovation to the Edmonton Islamic Academy. The renovation includes an addition of 21 high school classrooms with basement preschool and storage space. The classrooms were added to a fully functioning K-9 school which a small high school enrollment. The additional classrooms were designed to form an integrated courtyard space adding additional high school capacity of over 600 students. The addition was unique and accommodated all curriculum required by Alberta Education.

The cafeteria’s expansion by another one-third (and additional basement storage) allows for more flexibility in the cafeteria with service for 1,000 persons. Further, maker spaces and gathering areas including a student lounge, learning resource centre and an additional administration centre were integrated in the design.

Arch|TB was single sourced for this project—the request for our firm’s participation came directly from the Edmonton Islamic Academy based on the previous working relationship and the exemplary work on the original academy.