Location: Edmonton, Alberta
Project Value: $12 Million

Commonwealth Stadium, situated in the gateway to downtown Edmonton, required major renovations to the seating structure and design. Architecture | Tkalcic Bengert┬áredesigned the seating configuration of both the upper and lower bowls optimizing views, seating arrangements, barrier free seating, seating technology and the seating colour palette. The owner, the City of Edmonton and the major tenant (the Edmonton Eskimos) required a major brand statement through the selected colour palette which highlights the tenant’s historic green and gold in a “celebration” pattern. Seating was optimized through the reduction of the total seat count to 58,000, designing a wider seating breadth for the main seating field and more luxurious seats for the premium boxes. Fully ergonomic seating with backs was supplied for the end zone seats as well as newly defined barrier free areas. The customer experience has provided significant improvements to both the season ticket holder of the Eskimo’s games and the venue customer enjoying an outdoor concert.