Location: Edmonton, Alberta
Project Value: $8.5 Million

Canon Ridge Townhomes is a 7 building, 42 unit townhouse project built on a surplus City of Edmonton School Board site under the City’s First-Time Homebuyer’s Program. Architecture | Tkalcic Bengert (Arch|TB) developed the site, building, and unit designs in consultation with the City, the developer, and neighbourhood groups and stakeholders in an effort to meet Edmonton’s pressing housing needs.

The intent was to create a vibrant, landscaped “urban” internal street with entry porches to units, creating a community of 42 families, while achieving an urban character sensitive to the neighbourhood fabric. Individual homes are expressed by gables on both sides of the units, and project their residential character to the rest of the neighbourhood and adjacent open areas, including a new winter park. Budgetary constraints provided opportunities to maximize efficiency of construction and space, while still addressing urban design issues.

Stakeholders included the City of Edmonton Housing Branch and neighbourhood community leagues, with whom Arch|TB engaged in the public consultation process.