Location: Edmonton, Alberta
Project Value: $28 Million

AMA Kingsway is a three-storey, 86,000 sq. ft building accommodating office, retail administrative, training, vacation planning and head office functions for the Alberta Motor Association. The building features 16,000 sf of retail space on the main floor and a total office area of 70,000 sq. ft. Over 10,000 sq. ft is dedicated to computer lab training and multi-purpose training facilities, with oversized tiered landscaped lightwells providing natural light to the lower level.

The exterior of the building showcases over 13,000 sq. ft. of high efficiency curtain wall glazing combined with natural rundle stone, clay masonry and architectural metal panels. Two roof top terraces provide staff with access to the outdoors without leaving the building. A 48,000 sq. ft above ground parkade provides over 350 parking stalls on the three-acre site.

The interior of the building has been designed to allow for AMA’s corporate image to co-exist with a unique open concept design. Natural light reaches most areas of the floor plan, providing for a comfortable working environment for AMA employees. The retail space combines custom millwork integrated with modern furniture systems and fresh marketing concepts to provide AMA members with a comfortable yet unique business experience.

The building has been designed with sustainability in mind, utilizing a hybrid geothermal system for heating and cooling of all the building spaces and AMA’s main server location. The facility incorporates high-efficiency building systems including low consumption water fixtures, high efficiency lighting systems and sensors and maximizes daylight penetration through high performance curtain wall and building envelope assemblies. In terms of actual dollars, the savings in utility costs for the AMA building have been estimated in the order of $40 000 per year based on comparable case studies of similar commercial buildings that have used this system for many years.